Wish You a Happy Halloween! |

I made a special Halloween card for you guys and wish you to have fun tonight and eat lots of candy!!


Cane Corso |
…And here is one of my videos as I promised!! This is one of the first videos I made for my site.
I’m playing with my huge cane corso in the garden and then… but you should see it yourself ;-)
It’s softcore because I only want to tease you for now :) but come back later I will show much more hardcore  stuff!!

My First Post :-) |

Hello boys!

First of all, I’m SO happy my site Kiki18.com is finally ready and working.
I love modelling and always wanted to be a teen model and have a lot of devoted fans! Please, use this blog to communicate with me, post your picture and video requests here too! I will try to complete them all.
An check back soon cos I will start posting my free pics and videos here for you!

Truly yours, Kiki18